Available Services from Southern Lion Books, Inc.

write your own bookWe request that only finished manuscripts be submitted for consideration. Sometimes, however, we find that professional editing is needed. If this case, we can refer authors to professional editors (who are also published) for editing services.

If the submitted manuscript is complete, then we assign the project to our contracted graphic designers for typesetting and cover creation.

Our creative team includes graphic artists, jacket designers, typesetters, and web designers who have worked in the field from ten to over thirty years. These collaborative affiliates design for award-winning university presses, national publishing houses, non-profit organizations, and private businesses.

Our subcontracted cover and jacket design team has produced work for notable publishing houses to include Duke University Press, Johns Hopkins University Press, and Yale University Press.

Southern Lion Books isdedicated to meeting the specific publishing needs of our customers. Personal attention sets us apart from the large and impersonal subsidy houses. Our goal is to produce a quality product that meets the expectations of our authors.


Marketing of Books

Southern Lion Books provides publishing services but is not a distributor. We do, however, assist authors to identify their particular markets and in developing a marketing plan. Our authors sell in a variety of ways to include presentations to historical societies and patriotic organizations; book signings in independent bookstores; sales with Eastern National Bookstores at national parks and museums; and, via web-based sellers such as Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. Authors also buy advertisements in newspapers, magazines, and journals and sell their books at historical meetings or trade shows.

There are many ways to market a book but success, first and foremost, rests upon the quality of the product and upon the interests of educated book buyers. And, regardless of the types of promotion, book sales are driven by the creative marketing and energy of the author.

To assist our authors, Southern Lion provides a web page that directs potential book buyers to the author. This page contains a cover graphic and information about the book and author. In addition, the page directs buyers to the author for sales.

Southern Lion is a member of IBPA, the independent book publishers association, which offers a variety of ways for authors to market their books.

Cooperative mailings, staffed exhibits, and catalog mailings allow our author's to benefit from IBPA's experience, reputation, and positive image. These programs have been proven and refined over the years. They'll help your sales grow efficiently and cost effectively.

The programs below are available for authors through Southern Lionís membership in IBPA. The cost to the author for each service is based upon the charge billed by IBPA.


IBPA helps to sell titles with full color mailings to librarians, reviewers and booksellers. Reach buyers and decision makers with an exciting, professional and attractive promotion. These effective sales tools are very reasonably priced and offer great value to marketing programs of any size.

  • Library Mailings - Your promotional flyer is combined with others from IBPA members and mailed to acquisition librarians throughout the U.S. Flyers reach public, school, university and corporate libraries.
  • Books for Review - This four-color catalog sent to newspaper, magazine and media book reviewers. The piece features a front cover picture of your book, along with selling and ordering information.
  • Bookstore - This four-color catalog is mailed to approximately 3,500 booksellers across the U.S.
  • Target Marketing Mailing Present your titles to genre specific booksellers, librarians and media reviewers through these targeted catalog mailings. Mailed 24 times per year, each mailing is directed at buyers in specific categories and genres.

Present your titles at national, regional and international book fairs through IBPA staffed exhibits. IBPA arranges for booth space at these major book trade shows and member publishers may either opt to purchase multiple, full or shared booth space within the IBPA complex or show their titles within the IBPA cooperative booths.

IBPA members list their frontlist and active backlist titles here to be perused by librarians, booksellers and book reviewers. Titles are listed in their genre-specific categories. To view these titles or list you own click here.

A directory of IBPA members' authors who are available for book signings, lectures, demonstrations and other events in your area. View these listings either by date or location, and you'll be able to contact the publisher or author directly to arrange a booking.

Advertise your titles in major trade journals. IBPA buys full-page advertising increments within the industry publications, divides the amount into sixths and resells the space to its members. Obtain full promotion coverage in Publishers Weekly, American Bookseller, Library Journal, etc. at a very affordable rate.

The Internet's first rights marketplace. Buy and sell International and language rights for these IBPA publisher titles. See books currently on display, arranged by publishing category and learn about people and companies requesting titles in specific categories.

For additional information about the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) please visit: https://www.ibpa-online.org.