About Lawrenceville Schools

 By Mary Frazier Long


The more recent portrayals of small town life in movies and on television might have us shrinking from another onslaught of recollections about the “Good Old Days.” But, to the contrary, this historical presentation depicts a particular segment of small town history: the local schools that were—and still are—a vital part of life in the town of Lawrenceville in northeast Georgia. This journey includes numerous photographs and unique text written by one who was lived the history . . . as a student, teacher, and chronicler.

This book is not fiction except in cases where my imagination took over. The Lawrenceville people that I grew up with had sins, follies and roughness; but, they also had dignity, faith in God and virtue. Being idle was ranked as being criminal. Most citizens in the first part of the 20th century went to one of the five churches in town. Some of my family members were saved Primitive Baptists and my parents owned a general merchandise store. We wore hand me downs and ate groceries that had overstayed their shelf lives at the store.

I put this book together, knowing deep down inside that if my nouns and verbs disagreed, my former teachers—Miss Annie Frances Flanigan and Miss Odessa Tanner—would be deeply grieved and might even shake angel fingers in my direction. In fact, they might even send my home address down to the devil.

And I have always loved books so I wanted to put down some memories of Lawrenceville schools in book form. My hope is that technology does not take over so that published books disappear from homes, libraries and book stores

                                          — Mary Frazier Long

Mary Long is past president of the Georgia Retired Educators Association and a regional historian, newspaper columnist, and popular storyteller. Mary’s published books include About Lawrenceville and Bill Arp: Uncivil War Humorist.

About Lawrenceville Schools is 288 pages in soft cover with over 100 images.

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