Chronicle of a Scotch-Irish Family: The Leslies of Abbeville, South Carolina Volume I

by Donald W. Leslie

This is a chronicle of a family of Scotch-Irish descent who were an integral part in the settlement and establishment of the small South Carolina community of Abbeville. They were not the first family to arrive in the area and were not to be the most famous nor of the highest social caliber, but their contributions are important and lasting.

The family to be chronicled in this narrative is one whose surname has been spelled in various ways, including Lesslie, Lessley, Lesly, Lesley and Leslie.

The author, Donald W. Leslie, has spent many years researching the beginnings of his family name. The surname Leslie was found to first appear around the 1200’s! This is his first book and he hopes that a “younger” Leslie might be inspired to one day write Volume II to continue recording the history of their genealogy. To purchase a copy of this 161 page paperback containing over 100 photos and extensive genealogy sheets of descendants of Thomas and Jane Lesslie, contact Mr. Leslie via email [email protected].