Greetings From Planet Wok

Story and Illustrations by Mollie Lesnikowski

This original children’s story is inspired by the creations of David Phillips, renowned sculptor with projects throughout the U. S. and Japan.
His sculptures of “Greetings from Planet Wok” are located at the rooftop garden of the Yawkey Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Our story follows Ion and Quark, inhabitants of Planet Wok. They have
been exploring timeand space for cooking utensils. On the way home,
their space ship flies right into trouble!

Come along as they find a peaceful rock garden, make new friends,
and learn that things aren’t always as they seem.


Special thanks to Ikuko K. Burns of Brookline, Massachusetts
for her support and sponsorship of this Southern Lion Children’s Book.

32 pages in Collectible Casebound Edition.

To Order:

Please send $18.95 plus $4 shipping to:

Ikuko Burns
9 Downing Road
Brookline, Mass 02146