Quarter-Peeled Oranges

Poems by Bruce Gillett
Illustrations by Bill Needs

Endorsed by the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Greater Atlanta Affiliate, Southern Lion Books is proud to introduce another title in our fine art and poetry series.

Quarter-Peeled Oranges is a love story . . . poetic in form and, in some sense, a memoir. Each poem recalls a place in time, beginning with the first date: a moment so lucid that the image of a powder blue dress remains easily remembered to this day.

This book started as grief writing and the dating of each poem intentionally brings the reader into a state of emotion during each period of writing. The illustrations of verse transform the narrative into vivid images while placing the reader into their own remembrances and dreams.

The oscillations of mourning and healing are chaotic, yet hold all of the true story . . . and the reason the book’s sections are organized by feelings, not by chronology.

Ultimately, Quarter-Peeled Oranges stands as a heartfelt tribute to Dale Gillett, a woman and a wife whose radiance shined on so many.



Bruce Gillett, a neurologist, and Bill Needs, a vocational rehabilitation counselor, both found a renewed sense of purpose as each discovered their respective talents in writing and art. From a serendipitous meeting at Bill’s first art exhibition and a series of revealing parallels in their lives, the two men developed a friendship that would result in the collaboration known now as Quarter-Peeled Oranges. Both the author and the artist live in Marietta, Georgia.

56 pages in hard cover, embossed, with dust jacket in a collectible first edition.

To Order

Please send check in the amount of $17.00 payable to

Dale Gillett Memorial Cancer Fund, LLC

 % Bruce Gillett, MD
948 Greymont Circle
Marietta, GA 30064

Proceeds of book sales are donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Autographed upon request