The History of Millen and Jenkins County

Compiled by Patricia Fries Hilliard

“The history of Millen is interwoven with the development of the Central of Georgia Railroad from Savannah to Macon. When the railroad reached Millen in November of 1850 it was exactly 79 miles from Savannah. So, the small community that began to grow up around the area was know as junction ’79.” (The Millen News) In 1881, the town of Millen was officially incorporated.

This beautifully arranged hard back book, bound with navy cloth and gold foil text, is 341 pages, contains 164 historic photos and an extensive index. It is compiled by Mrs. Patricia Fries Hilliard, a native of Millen and Jenkins County, Georgia. Serving as a librarian for 17 years, she discovered that there was very little to be found concerning the history of her county. In August of 2010, her research began. After many years of hard work researching, interviewing and heeding the direction given by those in her community, the long awaited history is now in print! Please contact Mrs. Hilliard via email at [email protected] to purchase your very own copy to add to your library. The cost is $30.