The Parlor
A Novel by Ken Zahn

Financial planners encounter all kinds of clients and cases . . . but rarely are they called upon to stop a murder.

In rural Georgia, time has by­passed many small towns and vil­lages, and old customs and tradi­tions continue to flourish. Arthur, an eccentric financial planner from Tampa, accepts the mundane task of advising a wealthy land­owner on the best way to avoid taxes. The situation, however, becomes more complicated than Arthur ever expected. His client is in poor health and needs a serious operation and twin sons are fighting for posi­tion to run their father’s company . . . upon his death.

Along the way, a brilliant financial plan is revealed: one that ultimately benefits colleges and universities. However, history dating back 150 years begins to repeat itself in the form of an antebellum death, and Arthur is drawn back­wards in time. And there is a most troublesome question: Can a financial planner intervene in the supernatural and stop a murder?



KEN ZAHN, a financial planner for over 30 years, continues in the practice of financial plan­ning and teaches financial planning curriculum throughout the country. His first novel, The Grove, was published in 2008.

144 pages in Soft cover with illustrations

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