Why Custom Publishing?

The avenues for placing a book into print have been traditionally limited to mainstream publishing houses, large vanity presses, or self-publishing by authors. Today, however, there are major advances in modern print technologies and large increases in the varieties and types of publishers. Writers now have several different ways to place their manuscript into print to include:

  • trade publishers
  • professional and scholarly publishers
  • educational and university presses
  • cooperative and independent publishers
  • e-books and audio-books
  • subsidy and vanity presses
  • local and regional presses
  • self-publishing
  • fulfillment houses
  • local print shops

write your own bookToday, custom publishing is a revolutionary concept that represents the future of the industry, and places an author within a cooperative, team effort with the publisher. The author provides financial investment and is involved in the creative aspects of the project and in marketing.

The custom publisher serves as coordinator or the project and employs professional graphic designers, typesetters, and printers. The publisher supervises the project from start to finish and works in the best interest of the author. Authors are informed—and involved—in every step of the process. The ultimate goal for the entire team is to produce a volume of the highest quality and in a timely manner. And through this cooperative process, the writer learns how to become an established author. These major differences set custom publishers apart from mainstream and vanity presses.

Southern Lion Books, Inc. is an independent custom publisher who strongly believes in providing exceptional customer service to a select clientele.


Do authors retain copyright for their books?

The authors published by Southern Lion Books retain all rights to their work. As part of our publishing services, we obtain the barcode, ISBN, and Library of Congress registrations for your project.


What does the author receive for their investment?

Southern Lion Books has established relationships with outstanding graphic designers, typesetters, and printers from around the country. This special association provides competitive pricing to our customers along with the best in design, production and printing services. The graphic artists who create our book covers also do designs for many of the larger university and trade presses. In addition, we use national printing companies that manufacture books for many of the larger publishing houses.

Registrations of ISBN numbers, barcodes, and Books In Print are provided. We offer marketing assistance by creating a personalized web page and by registering your title with amazon.com. A trade distribution program is available for qualified authors though IBPA, the largest independent book publishers’ association in America, to market your title with national distributors such as Baker & Taylor, Border’s, and Barnes & Noble.      

While Southern Lion Books is a regional press, we are interested in a broad array of diverse manuscripts that attract an audience with wide interests. We also promote the titles of other quality publishing houses and firmly believe that the reprinting of quality antiquarian literature is important for historical preservation.


Does Southern Lion Books accept all manuscripts submitted?

Absolutely not! Our company holds the right to refuse to publish any manuscript that we deem to be unworthy of our imprint and this includes any manuscript that does not hold, in our estimation, cultural, historical, educational or spiritual merit. 

Writers must be the sole owner of the copyright and the contents of their work and  guarantee that their book is not an act of plagiarism or in violation of anyone’s privacy; and, is not injurious, obscene, libelous, slanderous, or otherwise a violation or infringement of any U. S., state, or local laws, statutes, or codes.

In addition, our company has declined the publication of some good and worthy manuscripts because the authors were primarily interested in finding a distributor; they were not interested in working to sell their books. Our primary business is the creation and production of quality publications for distribution by independent authors and educational, historical, and benevolent organizations.


How long does it take to publish a book?

Authors should not be in a hurry. Depending on the manuscript submitted, it takes around one to two months for the typesetter and cover designer to create a marketable product. Once this is done, the author must take adequate time to review and approved the final proof. Our national print companies generally take from three to five weeks to manufacture. The bottom line: around four or five months to publish your book. And to get the best possible presentation, nothing should be rushed.


What are the costs of placing my manuscript into print?

This is a fair and reasonable question and one that requires some research to learn exactly what the author wants and needs. With today's modern print technology, quality books can be printed at reasonable pricing. The cost of producing a book, however, depends upon a number of factors such as: the size and scope of the project; the simplicity or extravagance of the cover design; the quality and type of paper used; the binding selected; and, the number of copies to be printed. Also, proper typesetting is required to bring the manuscript to Output-Ready PDF files for our printer (an award-winning company that does national books).

An example of pricing for a standard 112 page, soft-cover edition (6 x 9 trim size), using 50# writers offset white paper, would be about $3.45 per book for a 1,000 copy run. This includes supervision of the project, jacket design, and professional printing of books. For larger projects (depending on size, binding, and the number of copies printed) and for additional services (typesetting and the scanning of photos and illustrations), the price could, of course, be higher. The cost will depend primarily on what the author wants and needs, and current market conditions.

The answer to this question really rests with the author and what they want that is in line with their budget.

We suggest that potential customers spend time developing a listing of their publishing needs and obtain cost estimates from several publishing companies. In this manner, pricing can be evaluated more evenly and more accurately—and we believe you will be happy with our quotation.

After a review of your manuscript, and when your project is accepted, Southern Lion Books will provide a good faith estimate of the cost to produce and print your book. Also, we offer a three payment installment plan: 25% when a typesetting estimate is provided; 65% when the final production draft is approved by the author; and 10% upon receipt of the insured, motor freight delivery of your books.