Start Your Dream

write your own bookOne of life’s greatest pleasures occurs when an author receives a quality, printed edition of their first book. The feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment are wonderful but, unfortunately, this experience does not always happen for every deserving writer. In fact, many worthy manuscripts are never published and for a variety of reasons.

The publishing process can be confusing, complicated, and time consuming; consequently, potential authors can become frustrated and discouraged with the process. Everything is geared toward profit for the publisher, printer, wholesaler, and retailer. The author comes last. (If you don’t believe this, look at an author’s royalty statement.)

Most large publishers are not interested in providing personal attention to new authors or projects that are small in scope. There is limited interest in books that are intended for smaller audience; in particular: fiction, poetry, family histories, regional studies, and personal journals.

Moreover, a book may be good enough to sell locally and regionally; but, if a mainstream publisher feels that sales potential is limited, they will pass on it. This doesn’t mean, however that the book shouldn’t be published!

Now for the Good News! New authors don’t need a mainstream press to have success. Many authors choose to handle the publishing of their own books as, for example, William Young, who self-published his New York Times bestseller, The Shack. Other famous authors such as John Grisham, Gertrude Stein, Zane Grey, Mark Twain, and Virginia Wolf started their careers by funding their first publications.

Southern Lion Books can help you to start your dream of becoming a published author. We are interested in all types of projects, large and small, fiction and nonfiction, adult and juvenile, and have developed options that can place your manuscript in print. Let us assist in making your dream come true.